Smart compressor monitoring system (multi-sensor)


Source: Wikimedia Commons (licence)


I. Objectives of the tutorial

In this tutorial, we make a smart multi-sensor device that will be able to monitor an air compressor and detect anomalies.

This will be achieved using the following 5 sensors / 10 variables:

  • 1-3: Three-axis accelerometer
  • 4-6: Three-axis gyroscope
  • 7-8: Two temperature sensors
  • 9: One pressure sensor
  • 10: One humidity sensor

This device will integrate and use Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI Library, which will be selected via NanoEdge AI Studio.

Project constraints

The device will be able to:

  • learn the “normal” behavior of the air compressor
  • alert the user when an anomaly is detected

II. Requirements

Coming soon!

III. Making a data logger

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IV. Finding the best library and testing it using NanoEdge AI Studio

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V. Using your NanoEdge AI Library to build your final product

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